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Events and Announcements

Shalom, AmHa USA Members and Friends of AmHa USA and kindred primitive Hebrews

10/01/2023 MARZEACH (Remembering and Honoring the Ancestors) was conducted online, in Zoom, and honored Eli Sheva by the AmHa USA Council. You can view the recording and meet three of the four AmHa USA Council members here.

(Details of 2023 events have been deleted to make room for bi-monthly 2024 events. Please stay tuned here)

                                                              2024 EVENTS and ANNOUNCEMENTS

1/11/24 ROSH CHODESH (New Moon Ritual, online in Zoom, Thursday, 7 PM) We are choosing to schedule the Rosh Chodesh ritual on the actual New Moon event to participate as fully as possible in the richness of each full Moon. Preparations and participation requirements will be the same as described above in the December ROSH CHODESH narrative. We hope you can join us and share the wealth of our community through a virtual gathering.

1/25/24 MONTHLY AmHa USA FORUM (Open and casual discussion about AmHa USA, Zoom, 7 PM EDT.) This will be a place to casually meet, enjoy food, talk about AmHa USA origins, principles, practices, and ethics, share ideas and outlooks, and discuss AmHA USA beliefs, Primitive Hebrew spirituality, and community building. Let us know through the Contact Form on this website if you would like to participate, and we will send you a personal Zoom Room invitation.  

A few topics of possible interest are:  

  1. What do we share in common with each other in terms of outlook and orientation?

  2. Where do we differ in outlook and orientation, and how does that enrich each of us?

  3. How can we enrich our outlooks by learning more about each other's perspectives and outlooks?

  4. What topics and discussions would help support and enrich your life and your outlook and orientation?

2/5/24 Update:  Since Rosh Chodesh is only three days away, I'll also send a Zoom Room invitation to past participants.

2/08/24 ROSH CHODESH ADAR (New Moon Ritual, online in Zoom, Thursday, 7 PM EST/USA) We are scheduling this Rosh Chodesh ritual the night before the New Moon. We hope you can join us and share the wealth of our community through a virtual gathering. Please let us know by email, the Contact Form, or the Chat Window here on the website if you can attend so we can get you the Zoom Room invitation, the preparation, and participation directions.

Thank you, 

AmHa USA Council


Other rituals and announcements will be posted here as scheduled or occur. Please check back here on the events page occasionally and keep in touch with us through the Contacts Page or the online chat window at the bottom right corner of each page. 

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