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Thank you for your interest in joining AmHa USA. We may change how we do this over time. But, for now, E-mail us at "" or use the Contact Form to send a check or Money Order.  We also have PayPal and credit or debit card options now, as shown.  So there are a variety of payment options:
  1. Check or Money Order to our P.O. Box. (Email or contact us for details)
  2. Electronic payment directly through PayPal. (Click on the Icon to the right)
  3. Credit or Debit Card payment, via PayPal. (Click on the Icon to the right)
  4. Additional and international options are in process.


 1) We have a Yearly Basic Membership available, the Yearly Basic Membership aka “Friend of AmHa USA” (Yedid AmHa).  
    This is for folks from all Traditions who wish to show us their support with or without directly participating.

     Your Friend of AmHa membership fee of $35 per year will really help us with the website and admin. support costs.
        (For the remainder of 2023, your membership payment will be effective upon receipt and include all of 2024. 
        (Any payment received after October 1, 2023, will expire on Dec 31, 2024.)
 2) The Applicant Track, (Lamed AMHA) after a minimum of one year of basic membership for those who wish to study more.

 3) Full Adoption as Son/Daughter into one of the AmHa Tribes (Ben/Bat AmHa), for those who qualify. (Contact us)

What the yearly Membership Fee and Yedid AmHa status will offer you:
 -A welcome ritual you can perform solo; face-to-face and/or online welcome rituals will be organized at events, TBA.
 -One free lot casting per membership year and/or one, one-time individual personal conversation with one of the  
  AmHa USA Council members about further study and/or the Full Adoption process.
-One AmHa USA t-shirt, embroidered with Eli Sheva's personally crafted Amha USA / Asherah Logo (while supplies last)

-Personal Invitation to all of our AmHa USA Rituals.
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