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Thank you for your interest in joining AMHA. We may change how we do this over time.  For now E mail us. We are making changes to our snail mail arrangements.
We have a Yearly Basic Membership available,the Yearly Basic Membership aka “Friend of AMHA” (Yedid AMHA).  This is  for folks from all Traditions who wish to show us their support.
Your Friend of AMHA membership fee of $35 per year will really help us. 
As of January 2012, it expires on the next Dec 31. After a minimum of one year this can lead to
 2)The Applicant Track, (Lomed AMHA) for those who wish to study more. Those who wish and qualify can eventually apply for 
3) Full Adoption as Son/Daughter into one of the AMHA Tribes (Ben/Bat AMHA). More about all this TBA elsewhere.
What the yearly Membership Fee and Yedid AMHA status will offer you:
-A welcome ritual you can perform solo; face to face welcome rituals will be organized at events, TBA.
-One free lot casting per membership year and/or one, one time individual personal consultation with Shophet
-Invitation to some Rituals which are not publicly posted
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