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Traditionally AMHA is led by an elected Shophet. (NOT a priest/ess!) The English Bible translation of this word is “Judge”, a misnomer, since the Hebrew term actually denoted the Tribal Battle Chief and Seer.

Today – as in ancient Israel, Shophet  serves  the Tribes both as AMHA Leader and Seer. They are chosen because they have the respect and trust of the majority of AMHA to serve the community with integrity and competency.

The AMHA Shophet is elected for life by majority vote, but serves at the pleasure of AMHA, and only with majority consensus. She or he is flanked by two assistants, known as Mishneh, who are usually not next in line for the position but serve to keep the Shophet “honest”. In keeping with Tribal and Biblical Tradition, AMHA Shophet can be of either sex.

The current Shophet of AMHA USA is Eli Sheva. She has served in the Israeli security forces, retired; led an international business; retired; and is now an organizational consultant and psychotherapist in private practice.

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